Santi Scalper penis Erection capsule of new generation

   This product is the meticulous research results for many years of a druggist of our factory, it consists many kinds of famous and precious traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of santi scalper penis, make the effect of this product improve by 50%, the result is more remarkable , more lasting

Materials and Ingredients

Materials: Ox’s penis , pilose and ginseng, schisandra fruit, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, dodder , epimedium ,cistanche salsa, arillus longan etc.

Work Mechanism

Santi Scalper penis Erection capsule of new generation can effectively improve the psychological and physiological status in the process of making love. It is able to make people full of vigor and glow with radiating vitality within a very short time, enhance the rigidity of penis erection , keep you in high spirit and excitement, and preserve your power over the night. Also ,it helps prolong the duration of lovemaking and raise the quality of your sexual life quickly and effectively.

Function and principle indications

It has the functions of tonifying kidney and strengthening the sexual ability, and swell energy and geerate marrow, tonifying breath and replenishing blood, fastness kidney and compensating body fluid . It is suitable for the treatment of sexual impotence, premature ejaculation , sexual hyposexuality, sexual intercourse excess, sexual disorder of men and women, fatigue, ache loin and legs, chilly coldness of extremities , polyuria at night. Especially, it has unique curative effect in treatment of sexual dysfunction, short duration of sexual intercourse . The product also has auxiliary treating effect treatment of heart disease and diabetes mellitus when used carefully.

Usage and Dosage

To take orally,2~3capsules each time for people below 50,2capsules are sufficient. Please take this product 1~2 hours before sexual activity.
Unusual response One or two people appear mouth dry 、 face ruddy response
after taking is the normal phenomenon, can resume by oneself .


Only if sex function disease person might appear sexual desire to be too strong after taking, can drink a lot of water to remove .
The product has strong effect ,be careful when using in patients with serious cerebrovascular disease and consumption disease. It is not suitable for children

Specification and Storage

15 bottles per box and each bottle contains 0.3gx9 capsules, Normal in room for 24months.